Issey Miyake 3D Stretch Steam Blouse Sz 2

by Issey Miyake

$79.00 $129.00

Issey Miyake Blouse

The texture on this blouse is the result of the latest form of manipulated fabric developed in 2015, called 3D Steam Stretch - a new type of fabric that contracts into rigid structures when exposed to steam. "It looks like origami but it's folded by steam, not by hand," said Miyamae, current womenswear designer. "It's not created by a mould or pre-formed or anything, everything is woven from scratch – from yarn into fabric."

Colour: White & Blue
Material: 55% Cotton 35% Acetate 10% Polyester
Condition: Excellent condition, no major sign of wear

Size: Japanese 2
Chest: 17.5"/44cm
Length: 25"/63.5cm

Other Notes:
- Slightly stretchy
- Three-dimensional knit texture
- Unlined
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