ROSEN Hanzo Hakama in Japanese Wool



ROSEN's Hanzo hakama went through several hiccups and sampling mistakes before they could be released into the wild. The trousers were designed with features reminiscent of traditional Japanese garment without being too literal.

No hakama is complete without sharply-pressed knife pleats. ROSEN's Hanzo hakama is well-equipped with sharp pleats at the back that hides functional back pockets. Needless to say there are front waist pockets as well, deep enough for our modern large smartphones. To increase the pleat count, we've added an overlay on the frontal right leg that adds extra swagger in motion. This comes at no small feat. In order for the front panel to drape properly, the fly seam must be sewn at just the right angle. The hakama have a side slit up to the knee which reveals an inner layer in our popular sandwashed silk - black of course. 

And as always, this hakama is meant for all genders.

Colour: Black
Material: Japanese Wool 

Size: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Waist circumference: 28"-30" /71cm-76cm
Hips circumference: 52”/132cm
Rise: 17"/43cm
Inseam: 17.5”/44.5cm
Outseam: 31”/78.75cm
Inner Layer Outseam: 27”/68.5cm

Leg Opening across: 25"/63.5cm

Waist circumference: 30"-32" / 76cm-81cm
Hips circumference: 54”/137cm
Rise: 18"/45.5cm
Inseam: 19”/46cm
Outseam: 33”/84cm
Inner Layer Outseam: 29”/73.5cm

Leg Opening across: 27"/68.5cm

Waist circumference: 32"-34" / 81cm-86cm
Hips circumference: 56”/142cm
Rise: 19"/48cm
Inseam: 21"/53cm
Outseam: 35”/89cm
Inner Layer Outseam: 31”/78.75cm

Leg Opening across: 29"/73.5cm

Waist circumference: 34"-36" / 81cm -91.5cm
Hips circumference: 58”/147cm
Rise: 12"/51cm
Inseam: 23"/58cm
Outseam: 37”/94cm
Inner Layer Outseam: 33”/83cm
Leg Opening across: 31"/78.75cm

ROSEN garments are made-to-order. Please allow 7-10 working days for production. Every model is a limited run as these garments are made of deadstock fabrics.