ROSEN Kantian Trousers in Linen



Mr. Immanuel Kant was a very productive man in his lifetime. Born during the Enlightenment period, he set out on a noble mission to relieve God of his duty. He believed that most people aren't actually all that nice, but religion was keeping them in line. The dawn of the scientific age however, was putting doubts in people's mind about the existence of an omnipresent deity who would watch over us 24/7. Without actually establishing whether God actually exists, Kant wrote very important set of ethical rules to govern our behaviour. His categorical imperative - which is almost the secular version of do unto others etc etc - still remains divisive to this day. But if we were to take home one of his many long lists of valuable quotes - "Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made." is one that will constantly remind us that the nature of our humanity will never create perfection.  

Kant was always painted in a very lavish outfit, in deep hunter green no less. This cutaway suit is dedicated to the revered German philosopher who wrote many books to remind us to be good people. It is made of textured lightweight linen, lined with an even lighter floral patterned ivory linen. These trousers have a relaxed fit at the hips with double pleats, tapered silhouette and cuffed leg opening. The trouser cuffs can be folded to expose the lining. Available in deep hunter green (as worn in the images) or black.

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Colour: Hunter Green / Black
Material: 100% Linen

Available Size: 1 | 2 | 3 | 

Size 1
Waist: 30"/76cm
Hips: 44"/112cm
Rise: 12.5"/32cm 
Inseam: 24.5"/62cm
Leg Opening: 7.5"/19cm

Size 2
Waist: 32"/81cm
Hips: 46"/117cm
Rise: 13"/33cm 
Inseam: 26"/66cm
Leg Opening: 8.5"/21.5cm

Size 3
Waist: 34"/86.5cm
Hips: 48"/122cm
Rise: 13.5"/34cm 
Inseam: 27.5"/70cm
Leg Opening: 9.5"/24cm

Note: Models are 5'4/162cm and 5'8/173cm respectively. Both wear size 1.

*We can accommodate custom sizes. Please email us here.

ROSEN garments are made-to-order. Please allow 7 working days for production. Every model is a limited run as these garments are made of dead stock fabrics.