ROSEN Kitano Shirt in Xiangyun Silk

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ROSEN's Kitano shirt dips into the realm of flamboyance, albeit in an pessimistic tone with this subdued printed silk - called Xiangyun silk. Just like the bubbly drink that is tied to a specific provenance, Xiangyun silk is made in a specific region in Guangzhou, southern China.

The production of Xiangyun silk is a 16-step process that is extremely time- and labour-intensive, not to mention season specific. Unlike automated modern textile production, every bolt of of this jacquard silk is produced entirely by hand. Raw silk is spun into yarns, then woven into cloth and printed with motif, before undergoing multiple rounds of soaking and drying in dark natural dyes from tubers such as potato and yam. Each bolt of fabric, typically spanning 20 meters, is then unfurled and laid flat by a group of workers on a large field.

Lean, weather-beaten workers use giant brushes to coat the upper side of the fabric with mud from the river repeatedly, going over areas where their expert eyes deem necessary. This iron-rich mud gives the silk its unique black overtone with a brown underside. After washing off the mud in the nearby river, the fabric is left to dry in the sun, letting nature work its chemical reaction, before being kept in storage for three to six months. A final wash is required before it can be ready for clothing production. 

Amidst the quest for ever speedier production and ready-made consumer goods, the Xiangyun silk tradition clings on as best as it could for survival. While ROSEN has always worked with deadstock fabrics, no supply is scarcer than this beautiful jacquard silk. Its texture is not quite like other types of silk - similar to a combination of soft silk and organza, its colours a mark of painstaking perseverance by men and women who have been working on their craft for decades. 

Due to the unusual production process and treatments, Xiangyun silk has to be handwashed in water only. 

Colour: Multi
Material: 100% Silk

Size  1 2 3 4 5 6
Shoulder 42cm    16.5"
44cm  17.5"
46cm   18"
47cm    18.5"
49cm  19.5"
51cm     20"
53cm     21"
57cm  22.5"
61cm    24"
65cm  25.5"
67cm  26.5"
70cm    27.5"
62cm    24.5"
63cm  25"
64cm  25.5"
67cm    26.5"
69cm     27"
72cm    28.5"
79cm     31"
81cm   32"
83.5cm   33"
86cm    34"
88cm     34.5"
91cm    36"

Model Measurements:
Gracia: 5'4/163cm with measurements 35-27-35 wears the Kitano in size 1.

Body Measurements

Size  1 2 3 4 5 6
165cm 5'4"
170cm 5'7"
175cm 5'9"
180cm 5'11"
185cm  6'1"
190cm 6'3"
35.5cm 14"
37cm 14.5"
39cm 15.5"
41cm     16"
42.5cm 16.5"
44cm 17.5"
41cm    16"
43cm    17"
45cm    18"
46cm 18.5"
48cm    19"
50cm 19.5"
84-89cm 33-35"
88-96cm 35-38"
94-104cm 37-41"
102-112cm   40-44"
107-117cm   42-46"
112-122cm  44-48"
Arm Length
56cm   22"
57cm 22.5"
68.5cm 23"
61cm     24"
63cm    25"
66cm   26"
Waist (Regular)
66-74cm 26-29"
71-81cm 28-32"
81-89cm   32-35"
86-96cm 34-38"
96-106cm 38-42"
102-112cm  40-44"
86cm   34"
92cm   36"
98cm 38.5"
104cm   41"
110cm  43"
118cm 46.5"
54cm    21"
56cm   22"
58cm   23"
61cm     24"
64cm   25"
66cm   26"
66-71cm 26-28"
71-76cm 28-30"
74-79cm 29-31"
79-84cm 31-33"
81-86cm 32-34"
84-89cm 33-35"


If your measurements fall outside of the range by more than 2cm, please select custom size and leave your measurements in the notes section before checking out.  

We can also accommodate design tweaks and requests in other existing colours/fabrics. Please enquire for further details or assistance.

ROSEN garments are made-to-order. Please allow 10-15 working days, and 20 days during peak period for production. Every model is a limited run as these garments are made of dead stock fabrics.