ROSEN Plato Suit in Sandwashed Silk



Continuing with the theme of genderless, fuss-free clothing, ROSEN is proud to present the second instalment of made-to-order garments. The first in the line-up of this release is the Plato suit - consisting of both a tunic shirt and a pair of trousers.  

This Plato shirt drapes like a Greek philosopher's toga. With extra panel of fabric that extends from the chest pocket, it can be tied around the waist or over the shoulder like a shawl. Here is a version made in sandwashed silk. At first glance, the surface shows the weaves of ordinary cotton twill. The magic happens when one dons the garment. To say that one feels the caress of the wings of a thousand angels as they fly around you might not be pushing it. Like any fabric that has undergone vintage treatments, the surface of washed silk shows beautiful uneven colouration. Due to the substantial weight of the fabric combined with the natural drape of silks, this Plato shirt will hang loosely over the body. To purchase just the Plato shirt please click here.

These Plato trousers are like mac and cheese or fried rice; in their simplest forms they are some of the best comfort food, but with the right ingredients they can be elevated to gourmet dishes. The same can be said for these trousers. Featuring a drawstring waistband to accommodate varying sizes, pockets deep enough for passport and sandwich, snap buttons at hem to form a pleated detail, and side seams that my tailor complained about looking deceptively simple, these trousers will fulfil many roles in your life. I have tried and tested them myself, hopping through three different countries, worn with sneakers and boots. What pushes them into luxe territory is our choice in sandwashed silk that makes them such a joy to wear, so much so that you might end up sleeping in them too. To purchase just the Plato trousers, please click here

Colour: Washed Black & Deep Workwear Blue
Material: Sandwashed Silk

Shirt Size: XS-M | L-XL

Shoulder: 21.5"/55cm
Chest (across): 26.5"/67cm
Sleeve: 21"/53.5cm
Length (center back): 27.5"/70cm

Shoulder: 22.5"/57cm
Chest (across): 28.5"/72cm
Sleeve: 23"/58.5cm
Length (center back): 30"/76cm

Trousers Size: XS-S | M-L | L-XL

Waist circumference (can be tightened/stretched further): 29"/73.5cm
Hips circumference: 47"/120cm
Thigh circumference: 25.5"/65cm
Front Rise: 12"/30.5cm
Inseam: 20"/51cm
Leg Opening across (buttoned/unbuttoned): 6"/8" | 15/20cm

Waist circumference (can be tightened/stretched further): 31"/79cm
Hips circumference: 47"/120cm
Thigh circumference: 25.5"/65cm
Front Rise: 13"/33cm
Inseam: 22"/56cm
Leg Opening across (buttoned/unbuttoned): 6.5"/8.5" | 17/22cm 

Waist circumference (can be tightened/stretched further): 33"/84cm
Hips circumference: 50"/127cm
Thigh circumference: 28"/71cm
Front Rise: 14"/35.5cm
Inseam: 25"/61cm
Leg Opening across (buttoned/unbuttoned): 7.5"/9.5" | 19/24cm

Note: Models are 5'4/162cm and 5'7/170cm respectively. Both wear size XS-M Plato shirt and size XS/S Plato trousers.

*We can accommodate custom lengths. 

ROSEN garments are made-to-order. Please allow 7 working days for production. Every model is a limited run as these garments are made of dead stock fabrics.