ROSEN-S Weekend Trousers - Off-Black Silk Linen

  • A tapered casual pant with elastic sides and strap button waist closure. Offered with a traditional or asymmetrical zippered fly front closure. Contemporary and stylish without being overly formal, these trousers are ideal for casual occasions and social outings.
  • This variant is offered in a lightweight off-black silk linen.

    Fabric:  Off-Black Silk Linen

    Size: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Custom

    Waist circumference: 28"/71cm
    Hips: 41"/105cm
    Rise: 11"/28cm
    Inseam: 27"/68.5cm
    Outseam: 38"/96.5cm
    Leg Opening circumference: 6"/15cm

    Waist circumference: 30"/76cm
    Hips: 42.5"/108cm
    Rise: 11.5"/29cm
    Inseam: 28.5"/72.5cm
    Outseam: 40"/102cm
    Leg Opening circumference: 6.5"/16cm

    Waist circumference: 32"/81cm
    Hips: 44"/112cm
    Rise: 12"/30cm
    Inseam: 30"/76cm
    Outseam: 42"/107cm
    Leg Opening circumference: 7"/18cm

    Waist circumference: 34"/86.5cm
    Hips: 46"/117cm
    Rise: 12"/30cm
    Inseam: 32"/81cm
    Outseam: 44"/112cm
    Leg Opening circumference: 7.5"/19cm

    Waist circumference: 36"/91.5cm
    Hips: 47"/119.5cm
    Rise: 12.5"/31cm
    Inseam: 33.5"/85cm
    Outseam: 45.5"/115.5cm
    Leg Opening circumference: 7.5"/19cm


    ROSEN-S garments can be made customised in alternative colours, fabrics and details to what is offered on the listings. Please enquire for more information.

    ROSEN-S garments are made-to-order. Please allow 10-15 working days for production. Certain fabric and colour combinations are made of dead stock materials and may be limited in nature.