ROSEN Tenzing Coat in Striped Wool Cashmere


It all started with a documentary about Mongolian nomadic tribes I watched on the plane. Though the focus of the film was the lifestyle of the nomads, I was deeply captivated by the clothes they were wearing. Their typical clothing consist of an outerwear called 'del' or 'deel', paired with loose trousers. They carry the same signifiers as the Western suits and jeans - denoting seasons, occasions, genders and tribes through the use of different materials and colours - that is, normal everyday clothes for their way of life. By studying the distressed grey cottons, the sheen of the colourful silk sashes to the patina of their leather dels, set against the vast Mongolian plains, I was compelled to pick this highly-textured wool cashmere in the richest shades of brown. ⠀

And when I found myself in Yunnan, the love for embroidery, patchwork and handicrafts in Central Asia seeped into the coat in the form of a tapestry lining. The Tenzing coat is thus an ode to the beauty of North Asia all the way down to the Tibetan Plateau. 

The Tenzing is made of soft, warm and luxe wool cashmere fabric, with a large waterfall collar that can be worn flat down or upright and overlapped like a blanket around one's neck. Roomy waist pockets in the side seams serve as storage as well as hand warmers. Despite the thickness of the fabrics and its weight, the coat flows beautifully in motion due to the softness of the wool cashmere. 

Colour: Multi-Colour
Material: 80% Wool 20% Cashmere

Size: 1 | 2 | 3 | Custom

Shoulder & sleeve (center seam to cuff): 31.5"/80cm
Chest (across): 33.5"/85cm
Length (bottom of collar to hem): 31.5"/80cm

Shoulder & sleeve (center seam to cuff): 35"/89cm
Chest (across): 35"/89cm
Length (bottom of collar to hem): 35"/89cm

Shoulder & sleeve (center seam to cuff): 37"/94cm
Chest (across): 37"/94cm
Length (bottom of collar to hem): 38"/96.5cm

Note: Model is 5'4/162cm, wears a size 1.

Size recommendation:
Size 1: 5'2-5'8/160-172cm
Size 2: 5'8-6"/172-182cm
Size 3: 6"/182cm and above

We can accommodate custom sizes, design tweaks, and requests in other existing colours/fabrics. Please enquire for further details.

ROSEN garments are made-to-order. Please allow 7-10 working days for production. Every model is a limited run as these garments are made of dead stock fabrics.