About Rosen

Rosen Archive specialises in the sale of luxury labels with experimental and unorthodox approach in aesthetics. The garments have been specially selected for their unique silhouettes, construction and choice in fabric. We are based in the beautiful city of Shanghai, a cultural melting pot  of history and modernity, and a bubbling cauldron of creativity. 


Guarantee of Authenticity

We are first and foremost, great fans of the labels that we stock, and we wish to share the love and respect that we have for these great works with the rest of the world. The garments we stock are thoroughly checked for its authenticity through cross-examinations of the labels, provenance and material consistencies before being put up for sale. 

As with the nature of second hand goods and the philosophy of construction and fabrication of many Japanese labels, the garments will show age over time. We do our best to portray as accurately as possible the quality of every garment that we sell, and in the rare instances we fail to do so, we offer returns within a reasonable time span. 


The Blog 

If you would like to read into fashion experimentations, musings about designer collections, rants about the state of fashion industry and blogosphere – often from a feminist point of view, please head over to the blog - The Rosenrot


Contact Us

For all other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at rosen@rosen-store.com