A Short Introduction

ROSEN is an independent brand founded and designed by Gracia Ventus. We focus on luxurious materials and fabrics with experimental treatments, cut and shaped into modern architectural silhouettes. 

ROSEN-X is the technical counterpart of ROSEN, delivering futuristic, architectural designs in practical materials that enhance comfort and weather protection for the wearers. 

ROSEN-S delivers contemporary tailoring with the combination of ROSEN's fabric choices with conventional silhouettes that can be fully customised by the client, from fabric options to sizing and design details. 

All our items are made-to-order. We specialise in getting the right fit for individual bodies, striving to ensure buyer's satisfaction pre- and post-purchase. We also encourage clients to request their own fabric and design combinations that would suit their individual needs, preferences and lifestyles. 

We are based in the beautiful city of Shanghai, China. 

Our Key Focus

  • Comfort is Luxury

    A high percentage of our production cost goes towards fabrics.
    If a fabric doesn't feel good against the skin, we will not use it.

  • Practicality in Design and Silhouette

    We focus on textiles and cuts that do not constrict the wearer.
    Our garments are designed to protect the wearer without sacrificing range of motion. We believe in providing space between the garment and the body, rather than forcing the body to fit the clothes.

  • Responsible Consumption

    We do not follow the fashion cycle as we believe that clothing should not need to be made obsolete artificially. Instead we encourage customers to buy only when they are ready. Our designs will always be available unless we are working on new iterations. Hence there is no fear of missing out.